Freight forwarding services

Freight forwarding

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Loading and
delivering in time

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Cargo reloading and temporary storage

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Additional cargo insurance for high - value freight

Partial load transportation

Every week we collect partial cargoes from EU countries. We collect very small cargoes through the terminal. This gives an opportunity to offer a more attractive price to the customer. Partial freight service for individuals and companies.

Many years of experience and time-tested partners at logistics centers in different countries enable us to:

- promptly deliver partial cargoes of various volumes; 

- track the movement of cargoes; 

- maintain an affordable price-quality ratio; deliver the cargoes in time.

In Lithuania, we can store, regroup, perform customs formalities, prepare cargoes for transportation and continue to transport them to the CIS countries: to customs warehouses - up to the receiver's door.

Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo is a load, volumetric or weight parameters of which exceed the maximum permitted and established ones
in the countries, such a cargo is transported through. Transportation of such cargoes is a complex process, requiring special transport skills, equipment, machinery, escorts, permits, advance agreements and knowledge. We will select the safest route, considering the cargo dimensions and requirements in the countries, the cargo will be transported through.

Dangerous cargo transportation

We carry dangerous cargoes in the following manner:
– loose/bountifully, i. e. transportation of solid bulk materials or products in vehicles, bulk containers; 

- in packages, i. e. in containers (cans, crates, bags, medium-capacity containers (MCCs), balloons, pressure drums, etc.), transportation of packed materials or products, as well as transportation of products in open, closed or covered vehicles, in enclosures or in loading and unloading devices, containers;
- in tanks, i. e. liquid, solid (bulky), compressed, liquefied and dissolved gassing by container, movable, removable or fixed tanks, including tanks for vehicles and multi-elemental gas (MEG) containers.